Wentworth Falls Public School

Safe Respectful Learners

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About our school

Wentworth Falls Public School, located in the Blue Mountains of NSW, benefits from its beautiful natural environment and hence enjoys an attractive physical setting. Embedded in the school's culture is a strong academic focus, a positive and caring learning environment and opportunities for all students to be involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

The school is valued by its community and its students demonstrate the potential to achieve well across the breadth of the curriculum. The community of Wentworth Falls has, as part of its character, a love of the arts which is reflected in our student's artistic flair and an often instinctive creativity.

Acceptance of individuality among students, staff and the community is a feature of the school. A thoughtful, caring staff demonstrate skill and commitment and work as a cohesive team to provide quality learning experiences which achieve positive outcomes for our students.

The staff share a common purpose and value strong leadership grounded in current philosophy. A thorough knowledge of the children and how they learn is a feature of the staff's work and students benefit from a strong emphasis on supportive welfare initiatives.

We serve our students, parents and community by engaging in quality learning: learning that is provided within a safe, supportive and caring environment; learning which helps students achieve the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes they require to be lifelong learners and to become integral members of society.

By doing this Wentworth Falls Public School maximises learning outcomes for every student and is held in high esteem, realising community expectations for excellence in providing a holistic education for further generations.