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Parents and citizens' association

Welcome to the P&C, or the Parent and Citizen Association

As a child my mother volunteered at my school canteen. I had never seen her so happy, working with other parents dispensing pies and sandwiches to hungry kids. Today I see other parents doing similar things at our school canteen. Seeing her it never really clocked that she was part of my school’s P&C. Not that it really mattered to my 8 year old self, I just remember her joy. 

I still see that joy in my wife Melinda who runs the school garden. She has plans … chickens were mentioned. You too may have plans for our school. You may want something raised or something done. The P&C are there for your kids and the school. They need you. 

You can make a difference by joining the P&C. By volunteering for P&C events you can help raise funds that aid our students and the school, communicate information between the school and parents, come up with ideas to influence school policy, and assist teachers by providing the means to support our students’ growth.

Becoming part of the P&C you will learn so much about your child’s school as well influencing future plans and developments. Moreover, you may find a whole new community as my mum did all those years ago.

If you are interested to join, volunteer, or just wish to ask a few questions about the chickens, please email wentworthfallspandc@gmail.com.

Malte Ebach